Beat my Golden Goose System to get paid

When I was active looking for experts on the MQL4 forum there was a guy who always wrote: “Learn to code it, or pay someone to code it for you”. I have never seen HIM doing anything, but now I am looking for REAL experts. I can’t grow the course if I have to do everything myself. I have sold the Premium-Version of the Golden Goose Course here in Germany for a few month now and I am looking for good people that could be “paid to code it for me” when we launch the next level. It will contain the opportunity to order customized modules for the Golden Goose Construction Kit. See the videos below. You will see 365 days in 60 seconds for 4 different currency pairs traded automatically with the basic version of the Golden Goose Construction Kit for Metatrader you can download and test HERE. You should be able to produce similar results with it.