Get your holy grail system today

If you trade for some time and if you look up things on the internet, you might have noticed that everybody is looking for the holy grail system. Here is my version of it.

What I am going to tell you right now is something that I haven’t even told my german premium customers so far.


These guys pay me lots of money for a course that is going to take a whole year. And I have a reason not to tell them, because I believe that every successful trader has to find out what is the holy grail for him, according to his own rules.


But I feel like I have to convince you that this is worth all the effort we are both going to put in. So I need to tell you.


In 2013 I was looking for the holy grail system myself. I even asked myself if profitable trading on an automated or discretionary basis was possible at all.


So on October, 28th of 2013 I went to the MQL4 forums and asked the question


“What do you consider to be the best and most important ingredients in your own system?”


You can still lookup that now on Google if you search for the exact term or my user name called “justmyname”.


And what do you think I found out? There are lots of traders out there who invest a huge amount of time to learn automated trading without ever getting a profitable system up and running.


How would you feel, you could get such a system today? If you go to right now, you might still be able to opt in to the mailing list and get it right away.


The Golden Goose System is the system I personally trade with real money and I will make a strong promise now: If you download and test it within your demo trading account, you will see it making money until the very last trade – that is where Metatrader closes the last position because of the time frame you provided.


If you do not see positive results, I am willing to give you all your money back – Oh, did I mention that you can download and use it for free?


So where is the risk here? Do you believe automated trading could work? Do you have a system that produces better results? Try it for free and let me know. Do you think that I am wrong? Prove me wrong!


If this system doesn’t work for you, I will give you back all the money you paid me – and you still will have learned a valuable lesson.


So what do you think? Is this worth 5 minutes of your time? What are you going to do now?