Why Beat Random?

If you are like most people you ask yourself, which is the best way to enter trade. A lot of folks use indicators or oscillators. There are even people counting waves, but I guess this one will shock you. So now I’ve created a new EA called SimpleRandomTrade. Most people try to beat random but actually nobody knows how good random can be. So if you try to beat random, you should at least try it.

I have set the max loss to 5000 dollars. And in the OnTick() function, we are going to call a function called CheckRandomTrade(). And this is the function. It will calculate a random number and if the result is zero, it will open a buy trade if the amount of open trade is under 10. And if we have less than 10 open trades, it will open a sell trade.

And this is the magic random entry module. It will initialize the random entry generator, create a one or a zero and return that value to the main EA. Let’s compile the expert advisor, hit F4 and start a back test. This one is full speed. As you can see, it’s opening long and short trades, lots of them. And here is the result. Would you have believed that?
So now you know how to make profit with random entries and that is the skill, 90 percent of all traders would absolutely call a fairytale, but as always don’t believe me, try it out by yourself and test what works for you.