Where to Get Advanced Statistics for Your MQL4 System

I know you might not believe in random entries and you are right. Don’t trust everybody. But there’s one thing you can do. You can go to and search for the Golden Goose Salt system. It is also a random based system and it has verified track records and you can analyze every of the 669 trades I made so far. No sign up is required.

You might consider to use myfxbook for your own trades because you get more information and good statistics. I like the risk of ruin statistics and their advanced statistics. The average expectancy for each trade in the salt system is 28.2 pips, that’s 2 euro 24 cents. The system is up and running since February 2015 and it is cash flow positive.

That means the equity is higher than the deposit. It will be updated once an hour. You can also see the data for the draw down and the draw down is about 50 percent of the profit. I guess you wouldn’t find much people who wouldn’t like to trade a system like this and it’s fully automated.