How to Combine Automated MQL4 Systems and Mobile Trading

Okay, let’s talk a little bit about real life trading. This is my account on myfxbook and you can see the account numbers here. The salt system is up and running since February 2015. And it was the first random based account I traded. The account number is 30035072.

And this is my android device with the mobile Metatrader 4 version and here are the stats. The salt system so far is the most stable random based system I have, and it says today on July 10th, we have the highest balance ever with 101,533 Euros and 10 cents. It’s a verified system. I allowed myfxbook to look into my account with an investor password. And, you can see the open trades here.

In case something goes wrong, I can take my android device and I could close the order. That is very helpful. It helped me to survive the 15th of January 2015 when Alpari UK was forced to go into bankruptcy because the Swiss National Bank unexpectedly removed the franc’s ceiling against the euro.

See this button? It enables you to close any trade immediately from your mobile device. The mobile version for MetaTrader 4 is available for iPhone, iPad or android devices, and you can download it for free. I really like the fact that I can browse all the trades in the history for a complete year on my mobile device. That’s very motivating for me.

Now, we will close this position. It’s a USDCHF .That’s a little bit profitable. I tap on close. Close the sale at market price, and here is the close position. Now, I need to reconnect on myfxbook to update the status.
Open the salt system again. Go into the history and here we have a close ticket 2529937. Okay, I hope you can read the ID. So my recommendation is you should download the MetaTrader 4 version for your mobile phone. It’s very helpful.