What I have read and find helpful for automated trading systems in MQL4

Okay, from time to time, people ask me what was very helpful for me with automated trading and automated trading systems and there are a few things I would like to mention.

First of all, the Super Trader book from Van Tharp. Van Tharp was the man who talked about random based system entries and the only reason I started to trade with random based entries was I didn’t believe it was possible. And today, I am very thankful about these insights. He also has some very good ideas about position sizing.

The next good book is a German one it’s from Michael Voigt and it’s called Das grosse Buch Markttechnik. Unfortunately, I believe there is no English version of it but if you can read German books, it’s a very, very valuable read.

My third recommendation is Jack Schwager. He wrote several books about market wizards and I really liked the stories these books.
Next resource is iTunes. With 3 hours commute on working days, I really learned to enjoy all of the free content you can get here. If you would like to consume more content from me, you can find me for the search term MQL4 in iTunes on the very first spot. It’s also available on and on my German site,, you can find a web app with additional content you might not find anywhere else.