You have come a long way in Season 2 and with automated trading in MQL4

Okay, once again, we have come a long way in this course. It was Season 2 and I already have plans for Season 3. But by now, you know so much about automated trading with MQL4 that you should be able to produce your first profitable system based on the principles you have already learned. Most people never stop seeking and learning, but I believe in automated trading, it’s more about doing the fundamentals again and again like in sports. The best swimmers in the world might know how to swim since they were 6 years old, but they never stop practicing.

For me, automated successful trading means you need to exactly find out what you want. You need to find out what you need to get it and you need to practice the fundamentals you already know. Remember that magic golden key I talked about?

There is this movie with Will Smith. It’s called , iROBOT. He talks to a hologram and he is searching for answers. And from time to time, the hologram says, “My answers are limited, you need to ask the right questions.”
If you can find a way to practice every day and to master everything you have learned so far, the 3rd season of this course series might take you to automated trading mastery. Thank you for your time and attention. I will see you in the third part.