Very often, I will need a variation of something I have already done. Let’s say, we want to check out the 60 minute trend. I would now change the name of the variable to make it more readable. And I would also change the name of the module. Don’t forget to change the import statement. Save the CheckTrend module as CheckTrend60 and hit Ctrl + H.
Here, we can replace one value with another. Hit the Replace All button and you will save a lot of time. Now, save the MQ4 module and compile the main expert advisor. Oh! We made a mistake. The name of the function is still CheckTrend, so we will fix that here. Don’t forget to save the file again. And now, compile the main expert advisor. It should work without any errors or warnings. Let’s hit the F4 key and start the back testing. And, it seems to work.