How to Do a Backtest with Several TrendFrames in MQL4

Okay, now we have done it. But why all the effort? Please click on expert properties in the back testing module and select the Inputs tab. You see our TrendFrame value is showing up here and we are going to change it to 240 minutes. Hit the Okay button and start another back test and you see trend frame is 240 minutes now.
Congratulations! You can now calculate a trend for every timeframe you want. Let’s disable the visual mode and do a whole year for several timeframes. To speed things up for this video, I will disable every tick and select open prices only. What will happen with 10,080 minutes timeframe? Let’s try it out. Okay, we made a total profit of 51 dollars and 72 cents. Now, we will change it to 60 minutes. This would be a profit of 38 dollar and 77 cents. Let’s try 240, and we would have made 51 dollar and 72 cents with this one.