The best solution for your own trading system

A lot of people buy trading robots without any clue what they pay for. I guess they think it is a good solution, because they expect a ready to go system that will make them money without any further effort.


Most people I know from my German course told me, they spend money for things that didn’t work.


If you have considered to buy a tradiing robot, you might know, how these systems are sold. Everything is positive and you will see images of bundled dollar bills, attractive young women on sportscars or big yachts, get examples and referrals from instant millonaires and they will tell you: You have to buy today or the last 3 available copies go away. We all know, that software and information products do not sell out, because they have no stock. But it works, because it sells. Scarcity and emotion and the desperate wish to make a quick buck make that robot shiny and desirable.


But if you don’t know, what that thing does and how that thing works, you might be always be in doubt and fear.


But only a fraction of traders know how powerful the automation function is that comes with Metatrader for free. Yes, it is a full featured programming language and yes, most coding gurus make it a complicated thing to use and understand, but if you use a word processing software in your job or a spreadsheet calculation software, you will already know, that these tools also offer hundreds of functions, fonts and settings that you never touched in your whole life.


If you are a native English speaker, you are only using a tiny fraction of the five hundred to six hundred thousand thousand terms, the English language contains.


It is the same with automated trading. I started to learn all that stuff and it took me almost two years. I will never use all of the functions that are included, actually I have taken out a tiny fraction.


And that was the reason, while I created this course. You can save 80 to 90 percent of the time because we are only going to use a tiny fraction of the MQL language – so it takes only a fraction of the time to learn it.


Do you think this is to complicated for you? I know that there was a time when things like writing, reading or driving a car seemed to be a complicated thing. When I made my first attempts to drive a car, shifting gears, looking over my shoulder and watching out for road signs or other cars was overwhelming. Today I can do it without even thinking about what I am doing.