The priceless trading software that can be automated for free

What do you think? Is trading an area where you have to spend huge amounts of money, just to get started? Some people might want to persuade you that it is so. But there is another way.

If you ask a butcher about a recipe for lunch, he will always recommend meat. That is because the butcher sells meat. If you ask somebody who sells trading software, he will always come up with reasons to spend you money on good trading software. And there is a market for that, so it works.


You can make people pay for anything, even for air in cans. I have seen a video where some company does exactly that in Asia. All they had to do is to go to one of this big towns where the smog is polluting the air.


And I do also spend good money on several trading gear, especially books. But there is one software, that not only is a good choice by financial terms, it will also allow you to automate parts or maybe even your whole own, personal trading system. This software has even gotten better last year, because it was improved by the guys from Metaquotes to give you more options and a better way to create your very own, custom taylored trading system.


The software I am talking about is called Metatrader and there is a good chance that you are already using it, because it is the most popular and flexible trading platform on the market today.


You can download it for Windows, for your Mac and I even use it with Ubuntu Linux and Wine. The trading software Metatrader comes with preconfigured tools that are exactly what you need to automate things like – say a trailing stop that will protect your trades while you sleep and move the stop loss in your desired direction.


That was, what I wanted when I started to consider trading automation. I wanted automated help. I wanted something that could watch my open trades in my interest when I needed to go to work.


Can you imagine the relief it brings, when you have no fear to leave your tades alone, because you know they are protected?


Would you like to go to bed without lying awake and enjoy a good nights sleep while your system is trading exactly according to your rules?


As I mentioned before, I believe nobody can trade a system that does not fit his own style. But it is possible to create your own system that does exactly, what you do today.


And it can do it night and day without getting tired and without missing something that you don’t see when you are not in front of your screen.


Is this something you are interested in?