Trading can be overwhelming

Live can be very overwhelming – so can be trading!

Hi, my name is Raymond and I am not a programmer, but just an ordirary guy. Today I had a plan what to do when I get home. I wanted to check out an error one of my automated trading systems showed.

On my way home I made a plan and while I was thinking over the nessecary steps, my friend Andre called me and we started to chat over other things.

And half an hour later, as I almost was at home, I saw my wife, just driving around the corner to walk the dog in the fields. So I decided to join them for a walk.

After that we went to the super market because there where some groceries to buy and after that we went home.

I booted my computer and started a program that told me, I had to download an update before I could start to work.

10 minutes got by and I checked my mails. Oh, just that quick thing my brother in law mailed me.

Dinner is prepaid, my wife said and here I go. Half an hour later when I took away my plate, I noticed a broken lightbulb in the kitchen. Six different screws and another half hour later I am sitting here.

The notebook still says “the selected program features are going to be installed”. What was that thing again, that I wanted to do the minute I got home?

The evening is almost over and after I had a good meal, three hours on the road and 9 in the office, I try to bring my mind back to the state I had in the afternoon when fixing my trading system seemed like a 5 minute task.

I feel tired and can not keep my thoughts together. I am out of state and tomorrow is another day.

Do you know, what I am talking about?
Where is that trading book you wanted to read or the course that you paid, but somehow never finished?
How much of your “rational” decisions you made in the past are a mystery in retrospect?
How many blinding clear insights have you forgotten?

Are you unsatisfied with your trading results? You know you should make progress, but you don’t? Is your mind playing tricks on you?
Maybe you know what you should do, know how to do it, know why you should do it, but somehow you never make progress?

Believe me, I can totally relate to that. I know how it feels to be stuck and overwhelmed, especially when it comes to trading. I know, that I have made tradet, that had absolutely nothing to do with logic or a strategy and I know that I have paid the price for each mistake I made. I know that a loss is double the pain if you know, you have made a mistake or missed an opportunity.

Do you have to compromise with your trading, maybe because you have a day job that does not allow you to watch the markets?

Would you like to build an automated, believable system to trade exactly according to your rules, even if you never created a line of programming code before?

There is a way to do this. Most programming tutorials have it all wrong. They simply assume to much and target coding gurus.

This course is different, it is especially made for non-programmers and we are going to take little baby steps.

Like listening to an audio file like this one for five minutes. Is that something you can do? Is it something that sounds interesting to you? Then move on to the next episode…